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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A humble coaching staff

I had a wonderful experience yesterday ... did a SportsLeader training with a group of High School football coaches from a public high school in western Ohio. They found out about us because they were seeking ways to coach character and virtue more intentionally. They came to the coaches clinic back in March and they thought it was awesome.

They are among the most Godly, Christ Centered group of coaches I have ever been around - and they coach at a public school.
I was hitting on all cylinders and they wanted more ...

Head Coach comes back at one point with the pizza and he tells everyone to stand up and pray. It was inspiring.

The head coach also took it upon himself to write a letter and send it to all of the area churches surrounding the high school inviting them to be a part of the training and hopefully get there help and support. One youth pastor came - he was in tears during the training.

What courage! I felt about 1 inch tall but I loved it. It was moving. They coach 50 young men.

Great men are out there. Let's find them!

God bless, Lou

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