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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girl Keeps New Year's Resolution: One Good Deed Per Day

I was inspired by this example of virtuous service and leadership. 

In our new Strength for Life Manual we have a daily resolution suggestion to help our young people do what this inspiring young lady is doing. Imagine if you had ten young people like this on your team ... in your class ... in your school.

Let's encourage!

Girl Keeps New Year's Resolution: One Good Deed Per Day
Iowa Teenager Keeps Promise To Help Others Daily

By KETV NewsWatch 7
OMAHA,Neb. -- Remember that New Year’s resolution you made to yourself three months ago? Did you promise to stop smoking, lose 20 pounds and hit the gym three times a week?

An Atlantic, Iowa, teenager made a different kind of resolution, one she said really doesn’t involve her at all.

“It’s just about helping other people. You’re not really involved in this. It’s not about you,” said 14-year-old Maren McNess.

Since Jan. 1, McNess has made a daily effort to do at least good deed each day for someone who needs help. She didn’t want attention or recognition for her effort and had to be coaxed into sharing her resolution story with KETV Newswatch 7.

McNess often holds doors for people, cleans, shares kind words and shovels snow.

“Just a random person like me, going up to them and helping them out,” said McNess, as she folded linens at a Council Bluffs homeless shelter with her church youth group.

The teen put together bundles of new bed linens to give to shelter clients as they move into homes after leaving the shelter.

“I start remembering all the stuff I have at home, all the sheets in my closet I never use that could really come in handy, “ she said.

The teens volunteered to organize and clean the storage room at Micah house recently. 

McNess said a few weeks ago, she spent an entire day removing piles of law books from the attic of a 98-year-old woman. “She really appreciated it, because the ceiling was starting to cave in,” said McNess.

Adults around her are proud of the teenager and said she sets a good example for everyone to follow.

“Teenagers her age don’t usually think of others,” said Pam Aurbach, a youth group leader.

Micah house in Council Bluffs relies on volunteers and donations to take care of 75 individuals living in the shelter.

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