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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sometimes we get to see some "light", some "fruit" of our labor. Other times not so much.

Here is an example of some light.
Lou Judd
I found this note on my desk today from a player of mine who I've been coaching and mentoring throughout the season.  As a coach it's always our hope that we are making a difference in a young athlete's life.  I wanted to share what this player wrote:

To Coach DeJoy
I love you as a coach and you are the reason why I am wearing green and gold in high school.  On the back page he shared some of his goals:

2012 Sycamore "I Will"

I am a champion
Will not make excuses
Loyalty to the team, and soon to be a legend.

Mentoring works!  Please continue to work and build these players into good men!  They need us!  Finally, embrace being a role model!  This is the reason why we do what we do!

Jim DeJoy
8th Grade Football
Sycamore Jr High School

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