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Monday, June 28, 2010

Leadership Camp - Covington Catholic

I was blessed to be a part of 2 different leadership camps last week. The first was the biggest one ever, Covington Catholic High School - 70, and the second was the smallest ever, Xenia High School - 8.

Both were unique and extraordinary. 

Having been with over 12 schools and 1 college from 3 different states I can flat out declare - Coach, you NEED to do this with your team. Kids are longing to feel a part of a brotherhood that goes beyond their sport, a brotherhood that affirms them as a united group, an opportunity to experience that "they are good enough", that their coaches care for them ...

Covington Catholic - what an awesome football staff. A united and humble group of men who really care about building great men and great football players. Head Coach Dave Wirth had rosaries made in their colors to help his players appreciate their faith and show them that our Blessed Mother was important to him as a man. 

It was inspiring to see men who coach at a Catholic school who are not afraid to show their players what they believe in. There are too many men in this country who lift up their chests when it comes to their State rings but when it comes to their faith, they run and hide in the corner. I was inspired to see this.

After handing out the rosaries the team prayed one mystery.

After some physical and mental challenges that teach the boys that leadership is more than rah-rah we had "Story Time" by the campfire where their coaches told the guys about moments that helped define them as men. There is something special about men, a full moon, the stars, smores and a good blaze going. It creates a memory.

Coaches, consider doing something special for your team. Maybe you can't do the whole team - then with your team leaders. If it is too late ... maybe a coaching staff camp - "The Calm before the Storm of the Season". Priorities men!

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