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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Visit to the Hospital

I was blessed to witness something very powerful last night. I drove to Indianapolis with my friend Fr Matthew to visit Brian D. who was hurt in a car accident over the weekend. The entire football program was present to visit with him, to console his mother and sister and show support in any way they could. 

Brian is still in a coma. I went in to visit with a player I got to know pretty well up at camp. I had never visited a person in the hospital before who was not cognizant - or at least visibly cognizant. It was so hard to fathom ... seeing Brian struggling up "The Hill" with his teammates a few weeks ago and now ... Just last Friday he was at a football camp at Bowling Green showing all the promise of a possible Division 1 scholarship coming his way in the future ... 

What was readily apparent though was the power of prayer. Every coach, player, parent that was there present BELIEVED in the power of prayer. I credit that in great part to their head coach Mark Reddy. I was edified. So many of you have responded to assure of your prayers ... I have forwarded those on to Coach Reddy. They are truly appreciated.

While we were waiting to be able to visit with Brian I saw this frame hanging by the elevators. I think you could quite readily change the word patient to the word athlete ...

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