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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


To: The Sportsleader Family
From: Steve Frommeyer, Principal and Head Football Coach, Eminence H.S. 
Recently, the scripture reading and sermon at church was about the story of Jesus calling people to follow him. When one said he would follow Jesus after he buried his father, Jesus replied, “Let the dead bury their own dead.”  Later, others said they would follow after they took care of their property and family.  In all cases, Jesus replied that “you cannot put your hand to the plow and then look back and be fit for the Kingdom of God.”  
Scripture scholars all agree that Jesus was not suggesting that people not bury their dead loved ones or neglect their homes and families.  What He was emphatically stating was that He can not be second or third priority in our lives.  
As the sermon that day on this scripture was unfolding, it was sounding more and more like a football coach trying to motivate his squad.  Ironically, the priest delivering the sermon admittedly does not follow sports very closely, so I found the commonalities even more intriguing.  
He stressed how important it is for Christians to live with a sense of urgency and discipline.  He emphasized the need to be committed and to have our priorities in order.  He said we needed to trust our Lord (leader) and not be constantly looking back and questioning whether it is worth the effort.  We must BELIEVE without wavering.
This is but another example of how sports done correctly so closely mirrors those qualities needed in life to be successful people and committed Christians.  If our teams are going to be their best this Fall, they must have this sense of urgency.  I tell our players, they must run and work constantly “as if their hair is on fire!”  Our teams cannot give a half-hearted effort, Jesus expects nothing but full-speed from us as Christians.  If we only give Him a small piece of our lives, we will not be fit for His Kingdom!

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