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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Just Tim Tebow

You can only imagine how proud I was to read this. Mike is an assistant wrestling coach at Moeller High School in Cincinnati studying to be a doctor. He was captain of the Harvard University wrestling team. What a great example for your young men.

"...had a doc tell me today to be careful because when I get married my wife will take half of my money when she divorces me.  I replied that I wanted to get married once and then just stay married.  He then literally told me, in colorful language, to have sex with as many women as possible before getting married. 

In my head I just started thinking I could laugh it off or I could be a little more bold in my stance and, tired of seeking the approval of men, I told him I was one of those guys who is waiting until marriage to have sex.  

To my surprise he said good for me.  It just showed me how crass and careless the world is.  And to keep me humble, the Lord brought to mind my own failings, to remind me that "but for the grace of God, there go I."   Let's keep preaching his grace so that men can enjoy life with him eternally and enjoy the fruits of a life that is pleasing to him now."

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