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Saturday, November 20, 2010

In-Kyung Kim wins LPGA event, donates entire winnings to charity

A wonderful testimony of charity, generosity ... Virtue = Strength.

In-Kyung Kim wins LPGA event, donates entire winnings to charity
By Shane Bacon

You know how people complain that there is never any good news anymore?

Well, I'm going to let you take a break from that, and it's all because of a 22-year-old LPGA star that decided something else was bigger than her.

See, In-Kyung Kim shot a final-round 64 on Sunday at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, good enough to leapfrog the leaders and win by three shots, her third career LPGA win. Instead of celebrating like crazy or boasting about how good she is at such a young age, Kim did something spectacular: She donated all of her winnings from the week to charity.

Half of the $220,000 she won went to Lorena's charity, which funds educational programs for Mexican youth, and the other half is headed towards a charity in the United States. From AHN:

"I went to Lorena’s party and I saw the kids and how she is helping kids with her foundation. I decided if I win, I will be giving all the money to people who need help," Kim said of her generous decision.

You might think that a pro golfer donating winnings isn't a big deal, but you have to understand, the LPGA isn't like the PGA Tour. Golfers don't dive in their vault of gold coins on the LPGA Tour, and this amount is nearly 20 percent of her entire earnings for the season.

It also gives us an opportunity to see a young person doing something extraordinary. Kim could have donated half her winnings to a charity and it would have been amazing. Honestly, she could have donated $50,000 to something good and people would have patted her on her back. 

But she went out, shot the round of her life to win, and turned right back around and gave back.

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