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Monday, November 1, 2010

Youth Football Done Right

The Lakota Stallions are an organization that SportsLeader is truly proud of. They put virtue and sportsmanship first and they transform the families that are associated with them. 5 years ago they fielded 6 teams at 6 different age levels with 70 families and may have won 5 games total - combined.

This year they fielded 22 teams with over 440 families ... and they won the championship at almost every age level.

The Stallions will be featured on Cincinnati local channel Fox19 on Tuesday November 9th at 6 PM. They are doing a 15 minute special on Sportsmanship. Originally they were going to feature various teams but in the end they completely focused on the Stallions.

Here below is a note from their founder Ron Jennings.

God bless, Lou

It is because of every Stallions family's committment to the values of the Stallions
The mentoring
The two per week practices
The "transforming boys to Men beyond the goal line"
The Faith-Family-School-Football order of balance
The guaranteed playing time
The Sportsleader training
The max. 22 players per team
The invitation to opposing teams to pray together after the games
The sportsmanship of giving snacks to the opposing team
The weekly school reports
The contracts signed by everyone
The one location for practice
The prayer request
The helping of fellow Stallion families who are in need of any help
The fellowship on each team
The teamwork between coaches to assist other coaches

The first year 70 families who became Stallions on total faith to pave the path 5 years ago
The first year the 6 teams that may have had a total of 5 victories on the field
The first year players and parents that gladly played 2 games each Sat. because we didn't have full teams at each level
The 15 coaches who coached the first year
The very hard working team parent reps and team parent coordinators getting all communications passed along
The off season planning of commissioners and coaches
The people who cut the fields and paint the fields each week
The Niederman's who donate the use of their property
The jersey presentation night
The first youth organization to require FBI reports instead of just State background reports

... just to mention a few....

I know each and every family is proud of what the Stallions have accomplished because the families are the Stallions. It is not one person but a total organizational team effort from everyone.

We started with 70 families 5 years ago and have grown to over 440 this last year. I have no idea where, if, or when we stop growing. I just know that He has a plan and we are part of it. 

I was told, and even warned, by other teams, leagues, and coaches that we would never be competitve with our values. I didn't listen because I believed and knew that we could build virtue and win and not have to have the "win at all cost" attitude.

I believed it was not an either/or deal, that both building virtue and winning is possible, and you have proven that.

We have a great start but we have more to do, such as spread our model to other Cincy communities, the State and even the nation. Teamwork over the "me first attitude". Concern for others ahead of self. 

By the way the Stallions won 5 Super Bowls this week end with the help of all 22 teams. 


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