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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our character we take into eternity. Let’s not have an off-season!

Steve Frommeyer has the unique position of being a High School Principal and the Head Football Coach. This is a great reminder!

...To: Sportsleader Family
From: Steve Frommeyer, Eminence High School

The off-season – The 2011 High School Football Season seems a long time off, especially for young teenagers. However, what gets done during the winter and spring months often goes a long way in determining the team’s success this fall. 

The obvious off-season weight training and conditioning is crucial to player development. Spring practice is also a valuable time to bring along young players. 

However, what often gets forgotten is a player’s continual need for CHARACTER development. This is not just important in-season. 

Often, during these winter months players’ grades drop, trouble occurs with the extra free time, and many of the players are not getting those important reminders/discussions about their character development. 

There is no off-season for character and virtues. We are either becoming a better or worse person. There’s NO staying the same, especially for our young people. 

Our character we take into eternity. Let’s not have an off-season!

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