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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Team is a Reflection of the Coach

Happy New Year!

Last week I saw a high school basketball game which I learned a lot from. I have heard from many different coaches that "the team is a reflection of the coach." 

This game was definitive proof.

I wasn't really rooting for either team ... the game was well officiated and it was very competitive. Both teams are loaded with talent and both teams play very well together - good starters and a deep bench.

Neither team led by more than 4 points the whole game. It was back and forth with ties and leads by 1 about 95% of the game.

All this changed with 1:49 left in the game.

Team A was up by 3 and they got a steal and was then fouled. 2 shots at the line. He missed both of them but a teammate got the rebound and quickly put it in.

The coach of team B had an absolute temper tantrum ... conniption ... not sure what to call it but he was screaming, spinning around, stomping his feet making his way to about mid-court before he finally called a 60 second timeout. 

I was sitting right behind their bench. The coach was so upset, so flustered that he spent the entire time out screaming and cussing at one particular player. He didn't give any instructions until about 9 seconds left in the timeout. 

The players were fried at this point. They didn't understand what he was saying, they started screaming at each other ... and the coach had to call another timeout before the ball went into play because the players were not lined up correctly. He spent most of that timeout screaming as well.

There was really no reason to panic like this because they were only down by 5. They have 2 players that are outstanding 3-point shooters, they play excellent defense ...

But the coach was never able to re-gain his composure ... nor did his team. They lost by 7.


If we want our players to exhibit virtue, poise, strength - WE HAVE TO PRACTICE IT FIRST.

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  1. You are absolutely correct, 'The coach is a reflection of his team'. On the good side, let me share an example of a good coach who produced a good team. Ever heard of Jose Mourinho? He is a famous professional soccer coach from Portugal. He has coached Chelsea(England) and Inter Milan(Italy) in the past. Guess what, with these teams he has won almost every single soccer title there is in Europe. Currently he is with Real Madrid, and I won't be surprise he will lead that team to success in many competitions. Some call him arrogant. But his confidence is infectious. His team show this in their play.


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