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Friday, April 1, 2011

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Two simple and practical ways to do something to help this situation is the following:

1. Purposefully invite your wife and daughters to your practices or weight lifting sessions. When they arrive, go over and give them a hug, smile and treat them with respect. You are giving an example to the young men around you HOW to treat a woman. Spend a few minutes together. It does not need to be a long period of time.

-Schedule it in such a way so that every week (or as often as you are able) a different coach has his family come see him there ...

Over time - the young men will SEE how the important men in their lives treat women.

2. In your mentoring sessions, as you talk to the young men, tell them how much you love your wife ... how she is important to you ... that you are grateful for her, etc.

They will CATCH these lessons ... 
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Teal is the official color of the Campaign for Change.
The month of April is designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the United States.
The goal is to raise public awareness about the prevalence and seriousness of sexual violence, and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual assault from occurring. Each dayeach and every one of us can do something to promote positive & meaningful change. Working together, we can raise awareness, change attitudes, and improve the situation.

The Situation Is Disturbing, & It’s Time We Did Something About It
   ~ 1 of every 6 women will be the victim of attempted sexual assault in her lifetime. 
   ~ 1 of 5 teenage relationships involves some type of physical or sexual force.
   ~ 1 of 4 girls will become a victim of abuse by the time she is 18.

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