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Monday, April 4, 2011

Eastern Kentucky University Virtue Camp Testimonial

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EKU Football Virtue Camp Experience
By Dean Hood, Head Football Coach

We went on our first SportsLeader Virtue Camp this past weekend. I brought my 15 Seniors to be along with my 2 Coordinators Mike Springston and Tony Hatmaker.

It was a great experience for our kids - a chance to get away and spend some time with one another in the great outdoors.

The camp had nothing really to do with X's and O's but it was all about leadership, fun and team unity.

The theme that we worked on was: What does it mean to lead? We broke it down like this:

L - Love Others
E - Encourage Others
A - Actively Resolve
D - Deny Yourself

We watched some movie clips, gave the guys some time for personal reflection with some questions and then had them open up about what they thought about all this.

Our goals for the camp were to:

1. Help our new leaders understand what being a leader is all about
2. Come up with a team mission statement
3. Get some practical ideas on how to help our seniors mentor the new incoming freshmen
4. Inspire them to give more of themselves via service projects

I think we more than achieved all of our goals.

We had some fun too. We mixed in some dodgeball. This was the most hilarious game of dodgeball we've ever had - why? Just have everyone play with their opposite hand and you'll see.

A midnight bonfire ... We had a "build the bonfire" competition between offense and defense while it was still raining Friday afternoon ... everyone was wondering why are we doing this ... it cleared up beautifully about 3 hours later. Plus we were able to witness that awesome full moon which won;t be that big, bright and clear until 2029. Pretty cool.

After some smores, around the bonfire everyone shared one of the most impactful moments of their life. It was a moving experience. I think we all learned something about each other that night.

This group is a special group of Seniors in that they really accept one another with a lot of charity.

Saturday brought some fishing where quite a few guys caught their very first fish.

I highly recommend you doing this experience with your team or your seniors.

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