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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brightening Someone's Day

I had a pretty amazing trip to Michigan this past weekend. I believe we met more than 70 coaches from 10 different high schools and 3 different middle schools. More on that over the next few days.

One of the coaches who organized a training was Ron Adams from Wyandotte Roosevelt high school which is a little south of Detroit.

He and a few of his players did something pretty special recently and I thought it was definitely worth sharing - a service project we could all accomplish.

They visited a former player at Hospice to brighten his day. 

Have you and your players done something to serve others this year? Let us know.
Stephanie from Hospice called and told us we have a gentleman who would like to meet with some Wyandotte athletes as one of his last requests. TD figured out who Mr. Miller really was, Walt's Dad, and called me to make the visit happen. 

Mr Mike Miller is a former all state football player and 1951 graduate of Roosevelt High School. This was a visit I will always remember. I have never seen Walt display such love and caring as he did this day. It makes me proud to be a Wyandotte Bear! 

I visited Mr. Miller with our captains and it was a very emotional experience. Mr. Miller's face lite up like a light bulb when he saw our youngmen. It was a great feeling to know we helped brighten his day.

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