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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get Over Your Fear

Coach Trent Todd is one of the finest men in our SportsLeader Coaches Association. He was kind enough to film 12 videos about his experience mentoring and coaching. He shares a personal experience here below as well as a great message to coaches everywhere. The two are very related: Because Trent conquered his fears, he has impacted thousands of lives - like Ryan in the story.

Here is video 9 - Get Over Your Fear. It is well worth 1 minute of your time.

Hi Folks, my name is Trent Todd, I helped Ron Jennings get the Lakota Stallions off the ground (a youth football team near Cincinnati).  When the Stallions was started it was with the mind set of building a better youth sports philosophy.  One that incorporated football along with virtue, value, and mentoring.  I'm proud to say that we have done that.  I see examples of it every day.

The latest comes from Ryan Ennis.  Ryan plays for Coach Joe Toepfer, which is 4th grade Blue.  Let me make this clear I'm not Ryan's coach and have never coached Ryan. I did coach next to Ryan's team last fall when I was coaching my 6th grade Blue Team.  I would always watch Joe's team and joke with them before and after practice, and Ryan would always remind me to get all of my cones and dummies, but that  was about as far as the interacting went.

Now as many of you know I have a lung disease and I'm waiting for a transplant.  Two weeks ago I'm sitting here at home and the door bell rings, It's Ryan and his father Gary, and they have a present for me.  It was a autographed picture of New Orleans Saints Linebacker Troy Evans, Troy had signed his name and the phase "TO COACH TRENT TODD KEEP FIGHTING!!!!"  I was totally amazed at what Ryan took upon his self to do all on his own.  He basically told Troy that a coach he knows is waiting for a lung transplant and wanted to do something to make him feel better.

Now for Ryan to do this all on his own and think of someone other than himself let alone a coach who doesn't even coach his team, this tells me he is one UNSELFISH STALLION, so coaches and parents we need to keep doing what we are doing because we are making a difference in these kids lives.

Thank you Ryan, Coaches, Parents, & Stallions

Sincerely, Trent Todd

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