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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The below statistics show two things very clearly:
A. There are so many kids playing sports - a true spring of hope and possibility to teach them virtue and life lessons.
B. Getting a college athletic scholarship is not so easy.
So only .6% of our nations high school baseball players may earn a college scholarship but ...
Close to half a million boys can be taught to become virtuous men who will lead their families and change the world making it a better place.
“We stress to parents and students everywhere that you should participate in athletics for the values and benefits that sports can give, not because you want a scholarship,” said Kevin Lennon, the NCAA’s vice president of membership services.
Of the 17 sports listed only 5 had a scholarship percentage of 1% or higher and none cracked 2%.
A study of numbers provided by the National High School Federation and the NCAA:

National participants 478,029
Number of college scholarships 2,956.1
Pct. earning scholarships .6%

Boys basketball
National participants 552,935
Number of college scholarships 4,046.7
Pct. earning scholarships .7%

Girls basketball
National participants 449,450
Number of college scholarships 4,329
Pct. earning scholarships .9%

Boys cross country/track and field
National participants 548,821
Number of college scholarships 2,481.7
Pct. earning scholarships .5%

Girls cross country/track and field
National participants 447,520
Number of college scholarships 4,030
Pct. earning scholarships .9%

National participants 1,108,286
Number of college scholarships 15,997.2
Pct. earning scholarships 1.4%

Boys Golf
National participants 159,958
Number of college scholarships 999.1
Pct. earning scholarships .6%

Girls Golf
National participants 69,243
Number of college scholarships 1,076.4
Pct. earning scholarships 1.6%

Boys Soccer
National  participants 383,561
Number of college scholarships 1,683
Pct. earning scholarships .4%

Girls Soccer
National participants 346,545
Number of college scholarships 3,591.9
Pct. earning scholarships 1%

National participants 371,293
Number of college scholarships 2,774.4
Pct. earning scholarships .7%

Boys swimming and diving
National participants 111,896
College scholarships 891
Pct. earning scholarships .8

Girls swimming and diving
National participants 147,197
Number of college scholarships 1,766.4
Pct. earning scholarships 1.2%

Boys tennis
National participants 156,285
Number of college scholarships 925.6
Pct. earning scholarships .6%

Girls tennis
National participants 172,455
Number of college  scholarships 1,848
Pct. earning scholarships 1.1%

National participants 397,968
Number of college scholarships 3,318
Pct. earning scholarships .8%

Boys wrestling
National participants 259,688
Number of college scholarships 696
Pct. earning scholarships .3%

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