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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The “Dog Days”

To: The Sportsleader Family
From: Steve Frommeyer Eminence High School principal and head football coach
The “Dog Days” of summer practice are upon us. The season is not quite started but the long practices in the heat are starting to get really tough. These are “times that try men’s souls”. They are also the times that often make or break a football team. How teams handle this challenge is often an indicator of how they will respond as the season goes by.
We have those same type of challenges in our personal and spiritual life. It is easy to be on board in the good times. However, when the “Dog Days” of our lives happen, it is then that we show if we are truly committed to our principles and to our Savior. Players and people in general can all get through life’s challenges as long as they don’t quit. It is only in quitting that we cannot be helped.
Please, stay committed to your goals, dreams, principles, and your Creator!

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