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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Overcome that Fear - Be a Light

We recently did a one day leadership camp with our football team.  During the course of the time we spent planning and executing the camp, Lou and I discussed the challenge that players and coaches have with both letting “their light shine” for all to see and at the same time not coming across as arrogant or overly prideful. 

Jesus said a light is not meant to be put under a bushel but on a stand so all can see.  I believe many times coaches and/or players hesitate to tell their stories for fear of being seen as conceited.  However, I believe we must overcome that fear. 

Our student athletes are being bombarded with negative, sinful information and images.  In today’s world it is crucial for all of us in athletics to tell all the great stories about how God has so richly blessed us in our lives.  If our motivation is pure, with only intent to help others, I guarantee it will almost always come across in a way that you intended. 

One of the activities during our leadership camp was time set aside for coaches and players to simply tell their story or a story that was on their hearts and that needed to be told to possibly help other people.  Let’s don’t be shy.  God calls us to be courageous heralds of his good news!  Don’t take your stories to your grave untold! 

By: Steve Frommeyer, Eminence H.S., Principal & Head Football Coach

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