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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jim Tressel Team Building Exercise at his Home

Another great idea from a big time coach trying to build young men who will lead for life.

By Doug Lesmerises, The Plain Dealer

One of OSU coach Jim Tressel's latest team-building exercises was to invite his players to his Upper Arlington home, each class having a cookout and game night called "Competition at the Crib," according to senior receiver Ricky Crawford.

"I had never been to his house before," said fifth-year senior offensive lineman Bryant Browning. "I was just saying to somebody earlier this year, 'I don't know where coach Tressel lives.' Then we had this thing, and it was real fun."

Tressel always attempts to motivate his players by pitting them against each other, and this was no different. The way the players explained it, it should come as no surprise that there was a Tressel plan for the fun.

The players rotated through a card game, playing video games, having a free-throw shooting contest, building a toolbox at a woodworking station and cooking meat on the grill.

"This was new," said Crawford, who said he burned his steak in his haste to cook his meal. "We never hung out with coach Tressel before."

"A lot of people had questions about what his place was like," senior offensive lineman Chris Malone said. "It was a really cool experience. It was great to hang out with the guys in your class that you don't usually get to hang out with."

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