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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bring 'Em Back Tradition

A great team tradition we learned from the movie Forever Strong was "Bring 'Em Back". A former player writes a letter to a current player playing his same position. Coach Chris Willertz had a ceremony where this was a part of it. The video is his intro talk.

Below is a sample letter one of their former wrestlers at 171 pounds wrote to one of his current guys.

This is a great way to keep your alumni involved and active with your program.

SportsLeader can help you in many ways with traditions to help you build up your players to be the leaders of tomorrow. "As Iron Sharpens Iron ..." we need one another. 

Feb 6, 2011

Dear 171,

As it currently stands you probably don't understand the importance of your position as the varsity 171. Many of us would give anything to go back a few years and retry our junior and senior seasons. You are helping to improve the warrior wrestling tradition that we helped to start.

Back in my freshman year we were the laughing stock of the school and no one gave us any respect.

You are privileged as a wrestler now to be able to have a full team and to be able to win tournaments. You are a part of a great period of warrior wrestling and as such should feel proud to be involved in it.

Your season is nearly over and it's this moment in time that you will always remember. Work hard and make it a happy and successful memory. You don't want it to end on a bad note. Work hard before, during and after practice and don't make this moment a memory of regret.

My junior year was my breakout year. I faced numerous state qualifiers and eventually became a district alternate. My Senior year I went to a wrestling camp, worked hard all off-season but then injured my shoulder in a match. Unfortunately I went through the motions after that. I wrestled hard in my final match and lost but finished strong.

End your season and career on a high note. Make sure you are able to be look yourself in the mirror years down the line and are able to be proud of yourself and know that you're a warrior.

Sincerely, Stearns

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