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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comfort Zone

There is a lot of truth in Dan's message below. It is men like him that make SportsLeader special.

By Dan Duddy
Head Football Coach Monsignor Donovan HS

The average guy will live til he’s maybe 85 years old right? My head football coach took over a losing football program last year at 84, so things are looking pretty good, agreed?

Plus if you think you’re old at 55, then do the math, like maybe you have 30 years left, so look back thirty years ago. I was 25! I have done a lot of living since 25 years old, and now I still have THAT much left again! 

But here’s the kicker, I THOUGHT I was LIVING at age 25. I never really began to feel life until I started “Coaching Virtue” in my football program. Especially so the two-way gifts that come from mentoring man-to-man, Virtue camps, becoming bold about my faith AFTER spending lots of time in self-reflection and prayer, and becoming a SportsLeader coach. 

When you hang around winners you win. There is so much more for you out there that you and me are absolutely oblivious too.

If you are not feeling outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis, you just ain’t finding what you were meant to be doing.

I was way too comfortable at 25. How about you, feeling a little comfortable?

Living a comfortable life is for boys. We need to establish a life of discomfort and lead them to do the same. There is a great deal of pleasure in discomfort. 


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