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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Surprise Phone Call

As Coach Trent Todd says in this short video, "Someone is always listening."

2 coaches from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy were very kind and shared some info with me that I found very encouraging. I'm hoping it encourages you as well.

Part of the SportsLeader program is to give your older players opportunities to mentor the younger players. CHCA decided to call it their BEST program. BEST is for BExcellent Succeed Together.

It pairs up Junior-Senior football players with 7th-8th grade football players. They meet on Sunday nights in the Winter-Spring. It's some fun, faith, formation and food - and in the process the older guys mentor the younger ones. They started this back in 2007.

Coach Bob Paola received a phone call the other night from Brianna, the leader of the Big Brother Program in an inner-city Elementary School in Erie, PA. Alec Swartz, a former standout QB for CHCA, is now playing at Mercyhurst College in Erie and he had applied to be a Big Brother. In his application, Alec talked about the BEST program, how it helped him and that he wanted to continue mentoring a young person.

Brianna called because she wanted more info about Alec and the BEST program ... it turns out she is going to implement some of the same things SportsLeader and BEST are all about.

"This year is going to be special because our to-be juniors will participate as LEADERS this year making them the first group to come full circle in the program by being student-athletes being mentored by our LEADERS and now they will be the LEADERS who will mentor the young student-athletes."


Are your Seniors mentoring younger students?
Let's start it or make it stronger. The above story could be about one of your players next year!

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