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Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Will

To: The Sportsleader Family
From: Steve Frommeyer, principal & Head Football Coach, Eminence, KY
During this time of primary elections and political debate that seems to go on forever, I have to wonder “what would Jesus do?” The Jewish people of his time were expecting a Savior that would come as a political leader to overthrow the Roman empire. Many of them totally missed his message because they were looking for a new “governing” authority. Jesus did not come to put in place a new political system. As Father John Bartunek often states in his book, “The Better Part”, God does not force us to do anything. He gave us a free will to choose. Government control is the opposite of how God deals with us. 
So, what’s all this got to do with athletics? Are not the best, most committed players those that choose to work hard and get with the program instead of only doing what they are told to do out of compliance. A coach that gets players to make the right choices versus one that dictates demands that players don’t believe in is always going to win out in the end.
Something to think about.

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