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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Army-Navy Game 2010, Some "Manly" Observations

A great note from Coach Dan Duddy. We need more coaches putting their thoughts and experiences on paper. Give it some thought.

I was blessed to attend my 13th (out of the last 14 years) Army-Navy game on Saturday 12/11 with my five sons. It was a fruitful day when it comes to the realities of manhood

These men play football for the love of the game. No one is NFL bound, they are destined for a far greater fight where meniscus tears and contract incentives are laughed at and hand grenades are the subject. The patriotism abounds as we sit with 4 year old boys holding American flags and 85 year old men missing legs and purple hearts.

I can only think of God and prayer in our schools when I see this. I also think of the young man in my homeroom who refuses to stand for the Flag salute because it is "his right" to do so. The man in the wheelchair can't stand; he gave his leg for the young man in my homeroom.

As the players stood together during their traditional singing of the post game "Alma Maters", the large stadium video screens showed the tears of these great warriors while the "20-something" drunkard in the seat next to me fell into me, dumping his beer on my leg.

Being a MAN is a choice and we all need to play a role in inspiring that choice. We need to choose to take on the role of manliness and inject it into others. The world needs us.

Let's give a leg for manliness so that boy with the flag will be on a mission some day, and not sitting next to you wondering where half his beer went.

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