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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Season Essays Part 2 - Ask the English Teachers

I was talking with Coach Randy Traeger yesterday and he had a great idea. "I could ask the English teachers to have the boys write the essay for English class ... they write about their season ... and they get graded on it ..."

Maybe this is something you can do as well. Or if you aren't the head coach, or you're a parent, etc ... have your children write about their seasons ... 

More from Toms River NJ Monsignor Donovan HS FB - Coach Dan Duddy


I have succeeded in many of my goals on my goal sheet this year with the help from group mentoring, one on one mentoring and team virtue. I feel that I have accomplished a lot this football season. My last goal was to get time on varsity. At virtue camp when I made this goal I knew I had to practice one-hundred percent at practice and give the best look I could for the starters so they would be prepared. Around the week of the Wall game I decided that I had to try harder and did and since I have not stopped giving it my all at practice. At Freehold I finally got my big chance and the next week with Bishop Eustace. All my had work had finally paid off. I finished that goal.



I have grown as a person in many different ways. I now go to church every Sunday. I have also learned that I am very lucky to have the things that I have. I feel that every school should have a virtue program. It helps kids come closer to God. In our mentoring groups we all made resolutions. Mine was to be in the front of every class. This has helped me every day and it keeps me out of talking to other kids and fooling around in class. This has also help me be more successful in all of my classes. This football season has been one of the best in my life. Before this season I only went to church only on certain Sundays when I felt like it. That is one of the best things that have happen to me throughout this season. I can’t wait till next year to play again and do it all again. I will continue to be a spiritual person everyday in my life.



Before the season started I had D.S. and A.S. move in with me. This change in my life definitely taught me how to keep a tight brotherhood with two kids. It also taught me how to trust someone, and that was a huge factor in how I trust my teammates and all of my coaches. I will conclude with.. my faith has gotten stronger and stronger from this football program and all my teammates and I will keep these memories forever.



Coach Duddy has taught me how to be a man. He showed me sports are about more then just winning. It’s about friendship and being honored to play the game of football. If I never played football I wouldn’t of had felt the way I do or even be who I am today. I remember one game the other team’s running back got hurt. Someone on the side lines said I think we hurt him. Coach Duddy replied I hope not the kids a hell of a football player. That shows how much class Monsignor Donovan’s coaching staff has. The coaches care about us. They are the type of people we all want in our lives. I thank you all for showing me what its like to be a part of such a positive program.



I made a life changing decision by joining the football team. Yes I am so happy I got the opportunity to play football but I am also happy that I discovered my faith. I think the virtue program has helped me grow a lot as a man and has also let me be more out spoken on my opinions.
The virtue program got me back into believing in God. I just feel like I have become a greater person that I would never be without my faith and virtue. The program we do at school really has gotten my life back on track and going in a direction I never thought it would. Coach Duddy you really did start a brotherhood and I couldn’t explain how thankful I am to be a part of this brotherhood.
You taught us as men we need to rise up against the war we have to fight every day. The world we live in now is full of things that can drag us down to a low level and make us boys instead of men. By discovering my faith and virtue it has taught me to be a man of action and take responsibility for what I do.
Sharing my faith and virtue with others has been easy to do now ever since I taken part of it with the team. I enjoy being bold about my faith and talking to others about it. I now know that I will always be like this and I want to take my faith forward by trying to get others involved. I know I have become a better man by being part of this virtue program.
I hope everyone in this brotherhood keeps their faith important in their life and I just wanted to say thank you Coach. By getting my faith close to me you have also helped me get my family and I a little closer. God is great and he looks over all of us, you just never notice he is there until you make the effort to find him. 

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