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Monday, December 6, 2010

First Team Wrestling Championship in School History

Coach Willertz is a great example of a man who selflessly gives to the young men of his team. Many of them have never wrestled before ... have no idea what the sport even entails ... and he uses it to build them into great men.

Congrats Coach! We need you.

PS - If you would like to help support Chris and his wrestling team please let me know.

What a weekend!!  The Winton Woods Wrestling Team of 2010-11 started the season off with a bang on Saturday, December 4th.  Of 18 teams, we came in 1st (really tied for 1st with Withrow) 

The kids did a great job!!  From top to bottom, beginning to end, they wrestled hard, so hard.  

I believe this is the first invitiational wrestling championship in Winton Woods school history (since 1992), so we all made history.  As always.....we couldn't have done this without you!  We are all a part of this victory.  Thanks so much for everything you have done... and are doing.... and what you will do in the future.  Hopefully this is the start of much more success to come.

We have started our Monday-Thursday study hall, mentoring and teacher help sessions to help the kids with their grades and our snow shoveling campaign.  Keep pulling for the kids, they are starting to believe!

Coach Willertz
Winton Woods Wrestling-Skill X Will X Drill = Win!!

Skill x Will x Drill = Win
                                Colonel Dandridge Malone- “Mike Malone”

The above quote is one of our new additions in the Winton Woods Wrestling room.  I like it for many reasons, probably most of all is the simplicity of the quote and how simple the ingredients to success are. Obviously, Colonel Malone was a soldier and the goal was to kill the enemy.  As a wrestling team we are not looking to kill the enemy but to defeat him in “battle” in the wrestling ring.  For us this is the equivalent.  Winning in whatever mission God has commissioned you is equivalent. For this reason,  I believe the quote applies to all of us.

Skill.  In three short years coaching wrestling it has not taken me long to figure out that you can be as big, strong and conditioned as you want to be but if you don’t have any wrestling skills you will lose more than you win.  Wrestling skills are essential to being successful.  As a coach, we must teach our players skills.  As a teacher we must teach our students skills.  As a parent we must teach our children skills.  Inspirational quotes and speeches are great.  Getting the kids in shape is great.  Mentoring and talking to your kids is great but you can’t leave out the most important thing……you must teach them something.  You must give them a skill so they can be successful.  Ultimately if you don’t do this, you are failing them.

Will.  You have probably heard the clique, winning is not everything but having the will to win is everything.  To develop one’s willpower, their will, is just as essential to success.  Skills are a part of the equation according to Colonel Malone, but so is will.  One has to have a developed will.  I want to win.  I want to wrestle well.  I want to do the right thing.  I will do whatever it takes no matter the obstacles to win.  Not until your players believe in the importance of the goal, really believe, you won’t win.  Of course even when they do believe, their willpower to resist and to work hard both still have to be developed.  Fostering the will is your job as well.  This will has the power of magic.  Our War of Independence is a great example of this, as many of you know; the British did not realize the power of our will and it led to their defeat.  Ironically, it led to our defeat in the Vietnam War when we didn’t realize the willpower of the Vietnamese people.

Drill.  There are so many things we have to do as coaches.  There are so many plays, so many techniques, so many players, and so many additional things a head coach has to do.  As a result we never drill enough. We don’t drill enough also because drilling is boring and it is HARD WORK!  But drilling is essential to our success.  We have to become proficient at the skills needed.  The only way we can become proficient is to do it over and over and over.  Drill and evaluate, drill and make corrections, drill and increase the difficulty level.  It is our responsibility to teach our players skills and to drill them until they are experts.

What do you really want to be great at?  What do you really believe in?  Whether for yourself or for people you love, you must figure out your mission.  Once you have figured out the burning thing in your heart, learn the skills necessary for success, and then drill those skills, over and over and over.  Get it done!  Follow this simple equation and God will bless you with your hearts’ desire.  I know we plan on taking this plan of action this wrestling season at Winton Woods, in wrestling, academics, virtue and community service.  And because we follow it…….we will WIN!  May you have the same success in your battles!

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  1. Congrats on a great start Coach!

    Duane Meyer


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