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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Commitment Day - St Gertrude Football

I was honored to be a part of Cincinnati St Gertrude football this past Saturday. It is a parish/school with about 90 families in their football program.

I took some photos and some video of all the teams as they took another step in the SportsLeader program. It was "Commitment Day". As a SportsLeader team starts off the season, we recommend a series of talks about what it means to be a man/woman, what virtue is, our core virtues of charity, humility and courage ... leading up to challenging the kids to make a commitment to strive to be more virtuous.

Each team had a Commitment talk and then the coaches handed out the commitment cards to the players and fellow coaches asking everyone to make the effort to grow in virtue as a team commitment.

Every coach did an outstanding job. I was really inspired to see these men encouraging and motivating the boys to become great men.

Our society is in desperate need of this.

Here are some links to the videos. They are edited versions.

Sal Fucito - Head Coach 7th & 8th

Brian Redden - Football Coordinator and Assistant Coach 5th & 6th

John Gruber - Head Coach 3rd & 4th

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