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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kirk Cousins Kickoff Luncheon Speech

Kirk Cousins, QB at Michigan State, represents the players at the Big 10 Kickoff Luncheon with a speech 
that is an amazing example of charity, humility and courage.

He speaks well of his competitors, showers praise and respect on the coaches and expresses so eloquently the privilege it is to be a Division 1 college football player.

I would recommend showing this video to all your players as an example of how you bring the virtues into a speech ... how you can use your platform to help others.

I would also recommend showing this video to the parents of your players with the simple explanation of what we are trying to accomplish with SportsLeader ... we are striving to build up young men and women of virtue through sports who will be outstanding citizens like Kirk - who do everyone around them proud.

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  1. Parents and Coaches who can instill this sense of virtue are a treasure. What a wonderful example of virtue in our future. If I can raise my boys with those values that Kirk expressed, I will consider them a success. (whether they play sports or not!)


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