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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fathers and Sons

We recently had a Father-Son Campout at Camp River Ridge for the Stallions and Saints Youth football organizations.

It was an opportunity for Dads to spend some quality time with their sons in the great outdoors fishing, swimming, playing dodgeball, grilling out, and of course having a smore as the sun went down.

There is a saying that our society is more and more a 40-40-20 ...

40% of families have no Dad at home, 40% have a Dad but he is too busy working or occupied with his hobbies and then there is the 20% ... those who make the special effort to truly be a Dad.

I was inspired by the men who attended. They were obviously of that 20% group and I personally learned a lot from them.

Sports has a marvelous opportunity to reach people in a way few other activities can. SportsLeader wants to "capitalize" on that.

Next weekend, God willing, we will be hosting another Father-Son campout.

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