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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 Great Experiences

What a 18 hour span!  We left for East Lansing at 1:00 PM on Saturday afternoon from Cincinnati.  Myself, Bob Crable and two great guys from Winton Woods H.S., Donnie Gillespie and Adam Gergen (both BB coaches).  The Spartans were playing Notre Dame at 8:00PM and we had to move to get to East Lansing.  Bob Crable and I had coached Greg Jones at Moeller but he had never seen him play, collegiately live in person.  Watching a Spartan victory, and Greg Jones play well especially vs. ND...... would be priceless.

Well, we made it (despite that terrible U of M traffic outside of Ann Arbor, something Crable and I could agree on!).  What a great game!  As most of you know, the Spartans pulled it out in overtime with a fake field goal.  I celebrated the whole way home.  We waited for Greg after the game.  Crable and I were able to congratulate him, and his parents.  Greg was spent, but the look on his face seeing us was worth the trip.  We drove that night back to Cincy, from 1:30Am until we pulled in at 7:00AM.

All of us realized the significance of our trek up North.  All of us were able to see an incredible game in person.  We all worked together on the trip up and back, celebrating football, coaching, playing and friendship.  To see Greg Jones and so many other young men playing and knowing you had a part in their success was such a joy.  It gave us all new energy to coach our current Greg Jones's, knowing that the impact we have on their lives is immeasurable.

Go Spartans!!
Coach Willertz
Winton Woods Wrestling
MSU Alumni 1985-1990


I had the opportunity to see Ohio State play Eastern Michigan this past Saturday with 4 friends who run a Conquest boys club with me. It was the first time all 5 of us could do something fun together. The day was amazing but to top it off we got to meet Archie Griffin - the only 2 time Heisman Trophy winner. His humility and virtue was inspiring.

Do something fun with your friends. It refreshes the soul.

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  1. very inspiring. I need to get out more with friends. Sometimes I think its 'selfish' to do so, being a father and husband and all,but I had also misjudged my wife in this.
    I recently got an invitation to play golf with some men who were more "acquaintances" than friends.She begged me to play as I realized that she had a real need for me to do so. I actually did it for her ( I'm gonna get thrown out of the men's club aren't I). Well these guys became friends, my kids couldn't wait to hear how "daddy did on the course", and I was absolutley refreshed.
    I couldn't wait to tell my wife and older sons, who golf, that I shot a "two" on the second hole, a tough par three, after having not played for six years. I did hold back though on telling them that I shot a 118 for the whole round.
    My wife really enjoyed me telling my stories.she needed to see "that side" of me, and truthfully, so did I.It had been a very long and overdue time.then I remembered something, before we were married, one of the very first things that my "future wife" really liked about me was how I interchanged with my friends.sometimes I just don't give her enough credit and trust.


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