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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Trust: “To trust is like having a firm anchor in a stormy sea.”

Trust has several definitions, but the one that fits into this chapter is that of believing that others, friends, colleagues, advisors, are in your camp. The opposite of trust, or distrust, usually leads to loneliness, which is a recipe for discouragement and failure. 
Usually, others earn our trust and we theirs. Keeping someone’s trust is of vital significance in sport as in the greater world. When a teammate shares something with us of a personal nature, they trust us not to blab it to the rest of the team. We can instead pray with and for that teammate.
While I can honestly say that I have a healthy distrust of some people or situations, a trait learned the hard way, I have been blessed with people in my life who I can trust totally, without reservation. My wife, and faithful and beautiful companion, is someone who I trust constantly with my inner-most thoughts and feelings. 

By Fritz Knapp

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