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Thursday, September 16, 2010

ESPN College football headlines - 7 of the 10

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ESPN College football headlines for September 15, 2010

7 of the 10 are about a lack of character - a lack of virtue

• Heisman Trust: 2005 award will remain vacated
• Ingram to return for No. 1 Alabama vs. Duke
• S. Carolina dismisses controversial TE Saunders
• Man at center of Green probe facing drug rap
• Notre Dame QB Crist played with blurred vision
• Arrested Douglas' Pitt career in doubt after DUI
• New domestic assault charges for ex-Mizzou RB
• Florida to use WR Hines for suspended Rainey
• Texas reserve RB McGee academically ineligible
• Joyner: Why Tennessee should beat Florida

SportsLeader - It's about building the person

If you care about building each person
then each person will care about building up each other
then each person acting as a unit - the team - will care about building the season - the wins

Too often we skip the whole "person thing" and we want to "take" the wins directly without having "given" anything to our fellow coaches/players/community.

Let's GIVE to each person on our team by building them up, mentoring them, caring about them!

Take some time to thank God for some of the individual people on your team.

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