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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Blessing at Wal-Mart

While my family and I were on vacation in South Carolina, I was put in my place pretty good by a wonderfully genuine and authentic woman at the cash register at Wal-Mart.

We were buying a bunch of food and stuff ... She asks me how I was with a very warm smile on her face (I don't remember what I said) ... I ask her and she said, "I'm Blessed". I was taken a back. What a great reply. We chatted a bit more.

The total for my purchase came up and it was a bit more than I expected - I must have had a shocked look on my face or something. She asks me, "What's wrong?"

I responded, "I don't feel so blessed anymore." Her come back was exactly what I needed. "You can pay for everything you are buying, correct?" Yes, Ma'am, I can ...

"Well then - you are BLESSED that you can pay for all that. Look at it from that point of you - see how Blessed you are?" 

She made my day ... just doing her job at Wal-Mart ... but she did her job with a PERSONAL interest in others ... a stranger on vacation at the supermarket.

Imagine if we lived our lives with this sort of personal interest in others instead of being so wrapped up in ourselves.

God BLESS you, Lou

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  1. Role Models

    I know as coaches we need to be role models for both our players and families but who are your role models?

    Jesus is the ultimate role model and friend but are there any coaches you look up too, worked with, or watched on TV that helped mold your teachings on coaching and life?

    I have three coaching role models I look up too. Two of them I had the good fortune to work under them.

    Mike Gims of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and Bob Crable at Cincinnati Moeller High School helped shape and mold me into a virtuous coach.

    Although both men had different coaching styles their big picture focus was to have their players became men of virtue and become great citizens in our communities. It wasn't win at all cost but how to live as a man of character.

    Through these two men I became a better coach and person. I feel very blessed I had this opportunity.

    My last role model is Jim Tressel. I don't know Coach on a personal level but I enjoy watching him coach and how he treats his players. He isn't yelling or cussing but teaching the game of football and life. If you want to read a great book please pick up a copy of his Winner's Manual. I've used many of his lessons with my team and self.
    Jim DeJoy
    Sycamore Jr High School
    Cincinnati, Ohio


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