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Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Stickers & a Great Act of Sportsmanship


I had a great conversation with a coach I had not spoken with in months yesterday. He told me about a Running Back - Kick/Punt Returner on his team who is one of the best athletes in the state of KY. The young man's nickname is "Flea" - not too big but hard to see and hard to catch ...

They hand out award stickers on Mondays from the previous game so the players can put them on their helmets ...

Coach hands Flea 2 more for his performance and he begins to walk away. "Flea, where are you going?" "I'm going to give these to my offensive linemen ... without them I don't get any yards"

Coach later sees the back of Flea's helmet - which should have over 20 stickers on it ... NOT 1. He has given them all away.

Coach then told me, "You see, we talk about humility and charity ... sometimes you don't think they're listening ... well at least we know Flea was listening."

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