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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Art of Speaking Well of Others

While we were traveling to visit family in New Jersey a few weeks ago we received a visit from a friend named Mary Rogers.

Mary is basically the personification of "Speaking Well of Others."

She constantly is praising you, noticing your talents, thanking you for who you are, telling you how much you are needed ...

We had a house-ful of people and she did this for each and every person there. Everyone was drawn to her and you didn't want her to leave.

I was quite simply in awe of her ability to lift everyone up, regardless of age, whether she's known you for five decades or five minutes.


If we as coaches were more "like Mary Rogers" in this aspect ... our players would be more receptive of our teaching, they would play harder for us, they would ENJOY being around us more ...

And on top of all this - we could be examples of how to live a life of charity.

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