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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Virtue = Strength

Jim Lasky, a youth lacrosse coach from the north suburbs of Chicago shares a testimony about his team and their strength. Jim does an awesome job of playing all of his players, demanding excellence, serving off the field and striving to win ... all at the same time. It can be done.

Some coaches think that "success" comes from only playing their select studs while a group of kids never sees the field. It does not have to be that way.

How will your team serve your community this year? 

Thanks, Jim

My U11 Stallions Lacrosse Team was in the Warrior Pipe City Midwest Regional.  

Our players decided to donate their old equipment to the "Owls Lacrosse Program."  They are a group of children from the city who don't have the resources we have. 

Olympic Gold medal winner Eric Genova ( who is now a great friend of mine ) started the donation program. He preached to my Stallions how hard it is growing up without the things we take for granted. Along this learning process our kids started taking care of their equipment better, being nicer to one another, and most of all better sportsmen. These are the three things that happened:

1) They cleaned and donated equipment to the Owls Program
2) A team we played second on Saturday ran out of water. My Stallions during the game walked to the other team and shared water bottles.
3) Then down 7-3 in the semi final game vs. Team Michigan. Our boys saw them chest bumping and talking about their next game. Nine minutes left on the clock. Our Captains and I called a time out. We talked about sportsmanship and how we got here. Then a kid said "Coach, let's say a prayer just to play our best. " We scored the next seven goals and won.

Our kids never looked back. We won the championship game 7-2. Our kids want to donate their championship shirts to the "Owls "
We are going to Tampa, Fl to represent the Midwest at the Nationals. Wins can't measure how proud I am of our Stallions attitudes and character.
My boys are becoming men!

Your pal, Jim

Play like a champion, God Bless! 

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