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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How NOT to Propose - The Roy Williams Story

Not to pick on a particular player - but this could be a "teaching moment for us coaches".
Use this as an example of what NOT to do and then speak about how you proposed to your wife and share your testimony with your players.

This might seem "outlandish" but with our young people enveloped in texting, Facebook and the virtual life - this sort of thing might become more commonplace because we are becoming less and less PERSONAL. We are less and less comfortable with face-to-face communication.

Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams recently filed a lawsuit seeking the return of a $76,000 engagement ring he MAILED with a marriage proposal to a former Miss Texas USA, Brooke Daniels.

The lawsuit was filed June 30 -- on Daniels' 25th birthday. Roy is 29 with 8 years of NFL experience under his belt (5 with the Lions and 3 with the Cowboys).

Williams claims in a signed affidavit that just before Valentine's Day he mailed $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for Daniels' brother and a surprise, recorded marriage proposal with the ring to Daniels. She declined but didn't return the ring.

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