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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girls Volleyball Virtue Camp

We had our first ever Virtue Camp for Girls at Camp River Ridge this week. The Lloyd Memorial High School Girls Volleyball team from Erlanger, KY came and had an awesome experience.

The "roughing it" was a bit challenging but the experience ultimately brought them closer and helped them to appreciate all of the amenities of life that we often take for granted.

We focused on our 3 core virtues of Charity, Humility and Courage and the discussions that we had were quite simply some of the best, most honest and open I've ever heard. I was so impressed.

They wanted the "same experience as the boys" so we built the bonfire, watched the movie clips, played dodgeball and tug-of war, swimming ...

Tuesday night we were treated to something I had personally never seen before either - a Heat Lightning show that was absolutely breathtaking.

Heat lightning is a misnomer for the faint flashes of lightning on the horizon or other clouds from distant thunderstorms that do not have accompanying sounds of thunder. This occurs because the lightning occurs very far away and the sound waves dissipate before they reach the observer. Heat lightning was named because it often occurs on hot summer nights and to distinguish it from lightning accompanied by audible thunder and cooling rainfall at the point of observation.

So off in the distance we have this amazing lightning display in the clouds while directly overhead we had a sky-full of stars ... it was just beautiful.

I think the girls felt much more like a family after the camp and not just a "team".

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