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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

Something I would like to have coaches do more of is share some info on the books they are reading with maybe a quick summary. We urgently need to help and encourage one another.

Well allow me to offer up a first suggestion.

A book a number of people recommended to me but I never got around to acting on it was

"Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters - 10 Secrets Every Father hould Know" by Meg Meeker

Here are the titles of the 10 chapters.

1: You are the most important man in her life
2: She needs a hero
3: You are her first love
4: Teach her humility
5: Protect her, defend her (and use a shotgun if necessary)
6: Pragmatism and grit: Two of your greatest qualities
7: Be the man you want her to marry
8: Teach her who God is
9: Teach her to fight
10: Keep her connected

I recommend this book for any Dad. If you are the coach of a girls team, I think you should forward this on to all of your players' Dads.

One part that I thought tied in very well with SportsLeader was pages 81-83 ... "Humility Strengthens Her Relationships"

"Girls who have the gift of humility are better placed to have deeper, longer-lasting relationships ... Humility is the foundation of all healthy relationships ... If your daughter lives with humility, she will discover who she is and what significance her life holds ..."

What book are you reading?

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