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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Awesome Trip to Nashville

I had an awesome visit to Nashville, TN Monday-Tuesday for a SportsLeader seminar at St Henry's. I was so impressed with their school, church, faculty, coaches ... everyone. Talk about a school that is full steam ahead to building up young men and women of virtue - inspiring.

They promoted the seminar heavily and it worked. We had about 55 coaches from St Henry's, plus Overbrook, Christ the King and Father Ryan High School. They are looking to implement the program in all sports - at all levels. They have high standards for coaches there. You just don't sign up - you need to apply and be accepted and SportsLeader is now going to be a part of this.

They are a great example of a bold school that wants the best. They don't settle for good. Good is not enough.

I also had the opportunity to speak to Coach Tommy Hagey's football team about humility - the virtue they are working on this week. Great football team!

Tommy was kind enough to allow me to stay at his home with his beautiful family. Being that my oldest child is 7 - I learned a lot watching the interactions of his high school age kids ... I have a lot to learn.

Before he dropped me back off at the airport, he treated me to breakfast at a "must see" establishment in Nashville - Loveless Cafe. Country Ham, Biscuits, Grits ... some restaurants are hard to leave ... If you are ever in Nashville - you need to stop in. From all the photos on the walls apparently everyone "famous" does (smile).

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