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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Helping our Players Communicate

2 pieces today. Keep Striving!

In an email from Ohio State Head Football Coach to Joe Lukens:

We are evolving a little more to supplementing our Winners Manual work with texts + e-mails … is the way they read and communicate for sure ….Go Bucks !!  jt


A week before our last game I had my players write two letters, one to a teacher in our building, and a second to their moms.  The response was fantastic as three teachers approached me and mentioned how touched they were that a student would take the time and send such a positive and sincere letter of thanks to them.

As for the moms, they loved it.  I had 5-6 of them talk and thank me for encouraging their sons to write a letter saying how much they loved and appreciated them.  One mom said, "my son has never said those words to me and I was very happy and surprised."  We did have one player write to his single parent dad.  The father was very grateful that time was taken away from practice in order to write these letters.

SportsLeader has been so good for our school.  We've seen many positive changes in our athletes and as a coach and teacher it is fun to sit back and watch all of this take place.  As we speak our school is in the process of applying for the State of Ohio School of Character Award.  We are using references from the SportLeader Program in hopes of winning this award.

It is difficult when a player disappoints you but I've learned if you continue to mentor and build up this young man, great things will happen.  Thank you SportsLeader, the program is a true blessing!
Jim DeJoy
Head Football Coach
Cincinnati Sycamore 7th Grade

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