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Monday, October 25, 2010

Philip Rivers: Standing Up To Temptation/ Jamie Dixon: Good Samaritan

2 great examples - a player and a coach living virtue and helping others. Please share this with all of your players, coaches, parents and staff. 

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University of Pittsburg head basketball coach Jamie Dixon did what some other drivers did not do on a busy stretch of interstate on Saturday night -- he pulled over to help trapped passengers in a car that had turned over against a guardrail. The vehicle had flipped over while going on I-279 North near the McKnight Road exit in Pittsburgh and was on its side when Dixon, who was driving on the same highway, pulled over to help.

Pennsylvania state trooper Erik Fisher said, "He was a Good Samaritan," ... "That's the way people are supposed to be. By all accounts he did exactly what a decent person should do. It's an interstate freeway and I'm sure countless other cars drove right past. He was one of the very few who pulled over."

By Andy Katz of ESPN

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