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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Coach Changes His Attitude

Here is a testimony from Coach Henry Hunt of Louisville St Agnes. He has been coaching for many years and has a ton of experience. If you'd like to check out his web site visit

Thank you Coach Hunt!

For me, SportsLeader has been more about the coaches then the players.  I knew the X's and O's.  I had always challenged the players to grow more as young men then just players.  But as I reached limits and individual players and teams presented new personal challenges, I found myself without the skills to succeed.

I hit the wall.  Every sport, every profession, every endeavor, every life has it.  The wall.  You push hard like before, but just can’t get the same results.  You are stuck and can't get out.

The kids and families with "bad attitudes", "lack of effort', "lack of focus", "wrong priorities" and "lack of stick to it" were increasing.  The teams with little talent and drive were increasing each season.

It came to a head one year when I had a winless football and championship basketball team.  When we were conducting our final practices to play in the city basketball championship and I couldn't stand the players nor wait for the season to end.  I called a number of coaches, who as it turns out, had the same attitude toward these players in various sports.  Their best advice was that it would be over in 48 hours. During half time of the championship game, which was tied, I wanted to walk out.

The situation needed to change and it needed to start with me.  My attitude, effort, focus, and priorities needed to be different.  I wasn't a bad person, but I had to be different.  I needed more God, I needed more Virtue and stronger pursuit of both God and Virtue.  Pursuit of a good thing is incredibly energizing.

Yes, I do this for the kids, but SportsLeader directly affects me.  With better tools and a new game plan, the coach can help the kids and team move forward.  We are over the wall and running in the open field baby.

Thanks for all that you do.

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