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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Struggling with Commitment?

Ed Kuhn, Head football coach at Parkway High School, had all of his coaches share stories about how they became men throughout their lives. They all shared a lot of very personal experiences. Later that evening they had their commitment ceremony. Coach was concerned about a number of players, wondering whether they would take the leap and truly commit.

The fact that the coaches opened up really helped the players because we commit to others as people stronger than we commit to some idea ... so the closer the players are to each other and the closer the players are to the coaches and the coaches with one another - that is where a real team bond delivers commitment of heart, mind and soul.

If you're having a tough season - things could be worse ... as Pat Forde describes:

This weekend we will have the Land of Disenchantment Bowl: Winless New Mexico at winless New Mexico State. Bad football rarely gets this bad. There is serious potential here.

The Lobos have been outscored by an average of 40.4 points per game. The Aggies have been outscored by an average of 34.3 points per game.

Of the 17 major statistical categories kept by the NCAA, New Mexico ranks worse than 100th (in the 120-team FBS) in 15 of them. In a remarkable display of well-rounded futility, the Lobos' defense is last in the nation in points allowed (52 per game) and their offense is last in the nation in yards per play (3.7).

But New Mexico State is down to the challenge.

The Aggies rank worse than 100th in 13 of 17 stat categories. They are last in the nation in total defense, sacks and tackles for loss. In fact, they have not yet recorded a sack in 2010.

Believe it or not, tickets are available. But at least somebody is going to win a game.

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